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#include "rsi.h" // Import our RapidCode Library.
#include "SampleAppsHelper.h" // Import our SampleApp helper functions.
#include "SampleApps.h"
using namespace RSI::RapidCode; // Import the RapidCode namespace
int PVTmotionMultiAxis::Run()
// *NOTICE* The following constants must be configured before attempting to run with hardware.
// Axis configuration parameters
const int AXIS_COUNT = 2;
const int AXIS_X = 0;
const int AXIS_Y = 1;
const double USER_UNITS = 1048576;
// Motion parameters
const int POINTS = (3000); //total points used
const double TIME_SLICE = (0.001); //each point processed within 1ms
// To run with hardware, set the USE_HARDWARE flag to true AFTER you have configured the parameters above and taken proper safety precautions.
// The rmpPath only needs to be set if the project directory is different than the rapid setup directory.
// *NOTICE* When setting the rmpPath, be sure to uncomment the rmpPath arguement in MotionController::CreateFromSoftware() in the Run() function.
const char rmpPath[] = "C:\\RSI\\X.X.X\\"; // Insert the path location of the RMP.rta (usually the RapidSetup folder)
// Initialize MotionController class.
MotionController *controller = MotionController::CreateFromSoftware(/*rmpPath*/); // NOTICE: Uncomment "rmpPath" if project directory is different than rapid setup directory.
SampleAppsHelper::CheckErrors(controller); // [Helper Function] Check that the axis has been initialize correctly.
// Setup the controller for the appropriate hardware configuration.
SampleAppsHelper::SetupControllerForPhantoms(controller, AXIS_COUNT, { AXIS_X, AXIS_Y });
// enable one MotionSupervisor for the MultiAxis
controller->MotionCountSet(controller->AxisCountGet() + 1);
// Get Axis X and Y respectively.
Axis* axisX = controller->AxisGet(AXIS_X);
Axis* axisY = controller->AxisGet(AXIS_Y);
// Initialize a MultiAxis, using the last MotionSupervisor.
MultiAxis* multiAxisXY = controller->MultiAxisGet(controller->MotionCountGet() - 1);
long radius = 3; //radius of circle
double PI = 3.14159265358979323; //variable used in equation to convert degrees to radians
double degrees = 90.00 / (POINTS); //angle between each point. Used in the equation below.
double position[POINTS * AXIS_COUNT]; //defining size of position array
double vel[POINTS * AXIS_COUNT]; //defining size of velocity array
double time[POINTS]; //defining size of time array
for (int i = 0, x = 0, y = 1; i < POINTS; i++)
position[x] = (radius*cos((i + 1)*degrees*PI / 180.0));
position[y] = (radius*sin((i + 1)*degrees*PI / 180.0));
x = x + 2;
y = y + 2;
time[i] = TIME_SLICE;
for (int i = 0, x = 0, y = 1; i < (POINTS - 1); i++)
vel[x] = (position[x + 2] - position[x]) / TIME_SLICE;
vel[y] = (position[y + 2] - position[y]) / TIME_SLICE;
x = x + 2;
y = y + 2;
//Final two points (X Axis Final Vel, Y Axis Final Vel) need to be set to 0.
vel[(POINTS * 2) - 2] = 0; //X Axis
vel[(POINTS * 2) - 1] = 0; //Y Axis
// Set the initial position of the axes.
multiAxisXY->MovePVT(position, vel, time, POINTS, -1, false, true);
catch (RsiError const& err)
printf("\n%s\n", err.text);
return -1;
controller->Delete(); // Delete the controller as the program exits to ensure memory is deallocated in the correct order.
return 0;
void UserUnitsSet(double countsPerUserUnit)
Sets the number of counts per User Unit.
void ErrorLimitActionSet(RSIAction action)
Set the action that will occur when the Error Limit Event triggers.
void PositionSet(double position)
Set the Command and Actual positions.
Represents a single axis of motion control. This class provides an interface for commanding motion,...
Definition rsi.h:5513
Axis * AxisGet(int32_t axisNumber)
AxisGet returns a pointer to an Axis object and initializes its internals.
void MotionCountSet(int32_t motionCount)
Set the number of processed Motion Supervisors in the controller.
void Delete(void)
Delete the MotionController and all its objects.
MultiAxis * MultiAxisGet(int32_t motionSupervisorNumber)
MultiAxisGet returns a pointer to a MultiAxis object and initializes its internals.
int32_t AxisCountGet()
Get the number of axes processing.
int32_t MotionCountGet()
Get the number of Motion Supervisors available in the firmware.
Represents the RMP soft motion controller. This class provides an interface to general controller con...
Definition rsi.h:794
void AxisAdd(Axis *axis)
Add an Axis to a MultiAxis group.
Represents multiple axes of motion control, allows you to map two or more Axis objects together for e...
Definition rsi.h:10208
void ClearFaults()
Clear all faults for an Axis or MultiAxis.
void AmpEnableSet(bool enable)
Enable all amplifiers.
void Abort()
Abort an axis.
int32_t MotionDoneWait()
Waits for a move to complete.
void MovePVT(const double *const position, const double *const velocity, const double *const time, int32_t pointCount, int32_t emptyCount, bool retain, bool final)
Move commanded by list of positions, velocities, and times.
Represents the error details thrown as an exception by all RapidCode classes. This class contains an ...
Definition rsi.h:105
static void SetupControllerForHardware(MotionController *controller)
Sets up the controller for hardware use by resetting it and starting the network.
static void CheckErrors(RapidCodeObject *rsiObject)
Checks for errors in the given RapidCodeObject and throws an exception if any non-warning errors are ...
static void SetupControllerForPhantoms(MotionController *controller, int axisCount, std::vector< int > axisNums)
Sets up the controller for phantom axes, including configuring specified axes as phantom.