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CreationParameters for MotionController::Create. More...


 CreationParameters ()
 Instantiate with default values and all memory zeroed out.


char RmpPath [PathLengthMaximum]
 Location of the RMP firmware executable, license, and associated binaries and resources.
char NicPrimary [PathLengthMaximum]
 Primary EtherCAT Network Interface (NIC) name.
char NicSecondary [PathLengthMaximum]
 Secondary EtherCAT Network Interface (NIC) name. Reserved for future use.
char NodeName [PathLengthMaximum]
 [Windows/INtime] Indicate the INtime node on which the RMP and RMPNetwork processes run.
int32_t CpuAffinity
 [Linux] Indicate the CPU core on which the RMP and RMPNetwork processes run.
int32_t RmpThreadPriorityMax
 [Linux] The maximum thread priority. All threads of the RMP and RMPNetwork will be based off of this. The maximum thread priority. 1) Must be in range RMPThreadPriorityMinimum <= RmpThreadPriorityMax <= RMPThreadPriorityMaximum OR 2) rmpThreadPriorityMax == RMPThreadPriorityNoRealTime

Static Attributes

static constexpr uint32_t PathLengthMaximum = 256
 MotionController::CreationParameters Maximum string buffer length.
static constexpr int32_t CpuAffinityDefault = -1
 The default value for CpuAffinity specifying no particular CPU core to run on.
static constexpr int32_t RmpThreadPriorityMaximumDefault = 45
 The default value for RmpThreadPriorityMax.
static constexpr int32_t RmpThreadPriorityRange = 8
 The priority range required for RMP and RMPNetwork threads. Minimum thread priority is this +1.
static constexpr int32_t RmpThreadPriorityMinimum = RmpThreadPriorityRange + 1
 The minimum thread priority for the real-time system.
static constexpr int32_t RmpThreadPriorityMaximum = 99
 The maximum thread priority for the real-time system.
static constexpr int32_t RmpThreadPriorityNoRealTime = 0
 The thread priority where real time properties (scheduler and relative priorities) are not set.