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Guides for getting started with RMP software tools and API basics.

⭐ Basic guides

Follow these basic guides to get started with the RMP motion controller using your preferred methods, including software tools or APIs. If you wish to learn more about specific features see the 📖 Concepts section to learn more.

First-time users
We recommend starting with the RapidSetup tool guides. Most RMP features can be demoed through our RapidSetup tool, which is built on top of the RapidCode API.

1️⃣ Start the network

Starting the EtherCAT network is essential for the RMP. This step involves informing the motion controller that we are ready to begin exchanging information with the EtherCAT nodes available in the network topology.

2️⃣ Spin an axis

After starting the network and confirming an axis in our topology, we can begin commanding motion.

3️⃣ Run a sample app

Learn how to quickly a sample app.