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◆ MotionHoldUserMaskSet()

void MotionHoldUserMaskSet ( int32_t holdMask)
MotionHoldUserMaskSet sets the bit mask which will be ANDed with the value stored at User Address.
holdMaskThe bitmask

Part of the Motion Configuration method group.

Sample Code:
Motion: Hold
// Constants
const int DIGITAL_INPUTS_PDO_INDEX = 3; // Specify the pdo inputs index that represent digital inputs.
ulong inputAddress = controller.NetworkInputAddressGet(DIGITAL_INPUTS_PDO_INDEX); // Get host address using the PDO Input Index of Digital Inputs.
axis.MotionHoldTypeSet(RSIMotionHoldType.RSIMotionHoldTypeCUSTOM); // Use TypeCUSTOM to hold execution based on a particular bit turning ON or OFF.
axis.MotionHoldUserAddressSet(inputAddress); // Specify the digital inputs host address. This address' value will be used to evaluate the motion hold condition.
axis.MotionHoldUserMaskSet(0x20000); // Specify the bit you want to mask/watch from the MotionHoldUserAddressSet' address value (this evaluates using a logic AND)
axis.MotionHoldUserPatternSet(0x20000); // Specify the bit value that will release the motion hold. (When this value is met, motion hold will be released)
axis.MotionAttributeMaskOnSet(RSIMotionAttrMask.RSIMotionAttrMaskHOLD); // Set the HOLD motion attribute mask ON. (This initializes the HOLD on a particular motion)
axis.MoveRelative(10); // Command simple relative motion. (This motion will be HOLD by the condition above)
axis.MotionDoneWait(); // Wait for Motion to be completed.
axis.MoveRelative(10); // If motion attribute mask off has not been set, this motion will have same HOLD condition as previous move.
axis.MotionDoneWait(); // Wait for Motion to be completed.
axis.MotionAttributeMaskOffSet(RSIMotionAttrMask.RSIMotionAttrMaskHOLD);// Set the HOLD motion attribute mask OFF. (This will clear any motion HOLDS that were set on this Axis)
axis.MoveRelative(10); // This motion will have no HOLD since the previous line has set the motion attribute mask OFF.
axis.MotionDoneWait(); // Wait for Motion to be completed.
// Abort and Clear Faults
See also
MotionHoldUserAddressSet(), MotionHoldTypeSet()
MotionHold.cs, and MotionHoldReleasedBySoftwareAddress.cpp.