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A comprehensive and intuitive tool designed for efficient RMP configuration, fine-tuning, and diagnostics.


RapidSetupX was built on the foundation of our established RapidSetup tool. With some minor different capabilities. It lets users diagnose, configure, and troubleshoot the RMP Motion Controller from across platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Mobile (coming soon).

RapidSetupX allows you to connect to RMP RapidServer servers available in your network.

• Must have rapidserver running.
• This app is under active development.

🔹 Subsections

  • Servers : RapidSetupX: Servers page (Home)
  • Controller : RapidSetupX: Controller page
  • Network : RapidSetupX: Network page.
  • Node : RapidSetupX: Node page.
  • Axis : RapidSetupX: Axis page.
  • MultiAxis : RapidSetupX: MultiAxis page.
  • IO : RapidSetupX: IO page.
  • Scope : RapidSetupX: Scope page.