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◆ MotionHoldAxisNumberGet()

int32_t MotionHoldAxisNumberGet ( )
MotionHoldAxisNumberGet gets the number of the Axis which we'll wait for. ActualPosition only.
(int32_t) Hold's Axis number.

Part of the Motion Configuration method group.

Sample Code:
Motion: Hold
// Constants
const double TRIGGER_POS = 1; // Specify the position that will be evaluted on triggering/releasing motion
const int MOVING_AXIS_TARGET = 10;
// Initialize RapidCode Objects
// Initiazlize Axes: holdingAxis and movingAxis
Axis holdingAxis = controller.AxisGet(Constants.HOLDING_AXIS_INDEX); // Initialize Axis Class. (Use RapidSetup Tool to see what is your axis number)
HelperFunctions.CheckErrors(holdingAxis); // [Helper Function] Check that the axis has been initialize correctly.
Axis movingAxis = controller.AxisGet(Constants.MOVING_AXIS_INDEX); // Initialize HoldAxis Class. (Use RapidSetup Tool to see what is your axis number)
HelperFunctions.CheckErrors(movingAxis); // [Helper Function] Check that the axis has been initialize correctly.
// SET UP MOTION HOLD // Condition/Configuration to the Axis(movingAxis) that will hold Motion and its Position that will trigger/release motion
holdingAxis.MotionHoldTypeSet(RSIMotionHoldType.RSIMotionHoldTypeAXIS_COMMAND_POSITION); // Use RSIMotionHoldTypeAXIS_ACTUAL_POSITION if it is not Phantom Axis.
holdingAxis.MotionHoldAxisNumberSet(movingAxis.NumberGet()); // Specify motion hold to the Axis(movingAxis) whose position will hold the motion of holdingAxis.
holdingAxis.MotionHoldAxisPositionSet(TRIGGER_POS); // Specify motion hold position which is the movingAxis's position(need to multiply with USER_UNITS to get correct position value) to trigger/release the motion of holdingAxis.
holdingAxis.MotionHoldAxisLogicSet(RSIUserLimitLogic.RSIUserLimitLogicGE); // Specify the logic condition that will be evaluated to trigger/release motion based on the SET POSITION(USER_UNITS * TRIGGER_POS).In this case, GT(Greater than or Equal to) motion hold position limit to release
holdingAxis.MotionAttributeMaskOnSet(RSIMotionAttrMask.RSIMotionAttrMaskHOLD); // Set the HOLD motion attribute mask ON. (This initializes the HOLD on a particular motion)
holdingAxis.MoveRelative(HOLDINGAXIS_TARGET); // Command simple relative motion(This motion will be hold by condition above until movingAxis's Position passes motion hold position limit)
// Release MOTION HOLD
movingAxis.MoveRelative(MOVING_AXIS_TARGET); // Move movingAxis.MovingAxis's position reaches its MotionHold Position limit(in this case, limit is 5). It will trigger/release motion on holdingAxis (holidingAxis will move relatively 10).
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