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◆ AxisFrameBufferSizeSet()

void AxisFrameBufferSizeSet ( int32_t axisNumber,
int32_t frameBufferSize )
AxisFrameBufferSizeSet sets the frame buffer size for the axis (must be power of 2).

Part of the Information method group.

Sample Code:
controller->AxisFrameBufferSizeSet(0, 2048);
void AxisFrameBufferSizeSet(int32_t axisNumber, int32_t frameBufferSize)
Set Frame buffer size for the axis.
Important usage instructions for all RapidCode object count set methods:
This should be done after successful MotionController::Create but before any RapidCode object creation, (MotionController::AxisGet, MotionController::MultiAxisGet, etc.) as changing object counts will reconfigure the RMP's dynamic memory allocation which invalidates all preexisting RapidCode objects.
See also
AxisCountSet, MotionCountSet, RecorderCountSet, UserLimitCountSet, MathBlockCountSet, CompensatorCountSet
AxisFrameBufferSizeSet, AxisFrameBufferSizeDefault