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Sample Apps


Prior to running a sample app, some configuration is required. Configuration involves steps include (but not limited to) starting the network, setting motion counts, and setting axis parameters.

Common things to consider when configuring your system:
  1. Starting the network
    • This can only be done via RapidSetup or RapidCode
  2. Setting Motion counts (axes, multiaxes)
  3. Setting axis parameters
  4. User Limits

🔹 Configuration Methods

While developing an application or setting up the system for the first time, use the RapidSetup utility to perform configuration steps. Once the correct values are found, then use one of the following to automatically configure the system:

  1. rsiconfig: A configuration tool for starting and verifying network topology, setting object counts, and setting axis parameters via XML files.
  2. RapidCode: Can be used from any C++ or C# application

🌐 Subsections


 Learn to setup your RapidCode program using our Python wrapper for the RapidCode API.