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Firmware Object Count

Configure Firmware Object Counts in RMP firmware before creating RapidCode objects, and understand the impact of changes on existing objects.

🔹 What are Firmware Object Counts?

The RMP firmware uses dynamic memory allocation for the objects required by your application. It is required that you set the ALL of the required object counts BEFORE creating RapidCode objects: Axis via AxisGet(), MultiAxis via MultiAxisGet(), etc.

If you change any of the firmware object counts, you’ll need to recreate all your RapidCode objects. RapidSetup does this automatically and you’ll see it refresh if you change any of the object counts.

RapidSetup Object Counts

🔹 How to use Firmware Object Counts?

You’ll need to configure object counts before creating RapidCode objects.

Changing any of the object counts will invalidate any RapidCode objects that were previously created. Previous objects will be invalided if any of these RapidCode methods are called (with new/changed counts).
A great way to set object counts is using the rsiconfig.exe utility.