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Holds data for the G-code M-code callback mechanism. More...


int32_t LineNumber
 The line number in the G-code file where the M-code is encountered.
const char * LineText
 The actual line content from the G-code file.
 Allows the user to set give error details to the G-Code execution thread what occurred during the execution of the M-code callback.


This structure encapsulates the data that is used when an M-code is encountered in the G-code file.
The G-code execution thread fills in the LineNumber and Line fields, representing the line number and the actual line content.
If the user callback code fails and needs to notify the G-code execution thread, the user is expected to populate the UserError->number field to indicate the failure of the M-code handling logic and UserError will be logged to Robot.

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Fields prefixed with User are meant to be populated by the user implementing the callback.
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Definition at line 895 of file cartesianrobot.h.