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◆ SourceGet()

RSISource SourceGet ( )
SourceGet will return the first status bit which is set. The source can be checked when the Axis/MultiAxis is in an error state. There may be additional status bits set, use StatusBitGet to check any other bits.
(RSISource) The first status bit found.

Part of the State and Status method group.

Sample Code:
if (axis->StateGet() == RSIStateERROR)
RSISource source = axis->SourceGet();
printf("Source is %s\n", axis->SourceNameGet(source));
Possible sources that have caused an Error state.
Definition rsienums.h:968
Return defaults to RSISourceUNKNOWN. Also, this method might take several milliseconds to execute. It's recommended to only call this method when trying to diagnose an Axis or MultiAxis Error state - StateGet().
Go to axis screen->Status tab.
When axis is in NO ERROR state

Axis is in ERROR state, the Source is Hardware Positive Limit
See also
RSISource, StateGet, SourceNameGet