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A representation of the robot containing the Pose and the positions of the free axes. More...


 RobotPosition ()
 Default constructor. Initializes all values to 0. Leaves the FreeAxes RapidVector empty.
 RobotPosition (const Cartesian::Pose &newPose, const RapidVector< double > &freeAxes)
 Copies the new pose into this->Pose. Makes a deep copy of the given RapidVector for this->FreeAxes.
 RobotPosition (const Cartesian::Pose &newPose, const size_t numberOfFreeAxes=0)
 Copies the new pose into this->Pose. Specified number of free axes initialized with zeroes for their positions.
 RobotPosition (const Cartesian::RobotPosition &otherPosition)
 Copy constructor. Copies values of Pose and FreeAxes.
double AxisValueGet (uint32_t index) const
 Gets the freeAxis value at the specified index. Returns 0 if index is out of bounds of the FreeAxes.
void AxisValueSet (uint32_t index, double value)
 Sets the freeaxis value at specified index to the passed value. Does nothing if index is out of bounds of the FreeAxes.
Cartesian::RobotPosition Inverse () const
 Gets the inverse of the pose and free axes.
Cartesian::RobotPosition operator* (const Cartesian::Pose &otherPose) const
 multiplies this->Pose by pose. Does not modify this->FreeAxes.
Cartesian::RobotPosition operator* (const Cartesian::RobotPosition &otherPosition) const
 multiplies this->Pose by otherPosition.Pose and adds otherPosition.FreeAxes to this->FreeAxes (since they are scalar).


RapidVector< double > FreeAxes
 The Robot's free axes. Will have elements added to it for each free axis in the robot.
Pose Pose
 The Robot's Pose.



Definition at line 638 of file cartesianrobot.h.