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RMP Motion Controller

The RMP is an open, powerful, and economical PC-based EtherCAT master and soft motion controller designed for OEM machine builders. It includes various APIs and tools to facilitate the creation of motion and I/O software. Use our documentation to start developing your application with RMP.

🔹 Sections

🔧 Setup to register and install the necessary components.

🚀 Get Started to quickly get up and running with the RMP.

📖 Concepts to learn more about the RMP features & capabilities.

⚙ī¸ Software APIs to learn about our APIs and start developing your motion & I/O application.

  • RapidCode to create motion and I/O applications using C++ or C#.
  • RapidCodeRemote to create motion and I/O applications over a network using any gRPC language.

đŸ–Ĩī¸ Software Tools included with the RMP help you learn, troubleshoot, configure, monitor, license, and more.

🔌 Hardware to learn about RSI-specific hardware information.

🗃ī¸ Guides for comprehensive follow-through tutorials.

❓ FAQ to see common questions about the RMP.

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