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◆ Set()

void Set ( bool state)

Part of the Read/Write Digital I/O method group.

state(true sets On, false sets Off)
Sample Code:
IO: Input & Output
const int NODE_INDEX = 0; // The EtherCAT Node we will be communicating with
//const int INPUT_INDEX = 0; // The PDO Index in that Node
const int OUTPUT_INDEX = 0; // The PDO Index in that Node
IOPoint output0 = IOPoint.CreateDigitalOutput(controller.NetworkNodeGet(NODE_INDEX), OUTPUT_INDEX); // Automatically gets the memory index of a specified node and input index
Assert.That(output0.Get(), Is.False, "The getter function should return a value equal to false");
InputOutput.cs, SingleAxisSyncOutputs.cpp, SyncOutputWithMotion.cpp, and UserLimit.cs.