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The Builder for a linear kinematic model. Constructs a single Linear Kinematic Model to use when creating a Robot. More...


 LinearModelBuilder (const char *const label)
 constructs a LinearModelBuilder instance.
void FreeAxisAdd (const ModelAxisMapping &freeAxis)
 Map a free axis in the kinematic model. The Axis' DefaultVelocity/Acceleration will be used for free axis trajectory calculations. If a free axis is added to a Cartesian path motion, its DefaultVelocity/Acceleration will NOT be used.
void JointAdd (const LinearJointMapping &joint)
 adds a joint to the model using the configuration specified within the LinearJoint structure.
const char *const LabelGet () const
 Get the label the model builder is configured to have.
void LabelSet (const char *const label)
 Set the model name.
const KinematicModelModelBuild () override
 Construct the model using the information the builder currently has. The builder will maintain a reference to the constructed model until the builder is destroyed. Subsequent calls to BuildModel will overwrite the model the builder has a reference to and the previous model will be destroyed.
const KinematicModelModelGet ()
 Get a constant reference to the Kinematic model that is currently built. The builder instance maintains the model in its memory until it is destroyed. If no model was built, attempts to build the model with ModelBuild().
RotationalUnits RotationalUnitsGet () const
 Get the rotational/angular units that the model builder is currently configured to use.
void RotationalUnitsSet (RotationalUnits units)
 Set the rotational/angular units the built model will use.
Pose TransformFromKinematicOriginToRobotOriginGet () const
 Get the Pose representing the transform from the kinematic origin to the robot origin.
void TransformFromKinematicOriginToRobotOriginSet (const Pose &KinematicOriginToRobotOrigin)
 Set the kin origin to robot origin tf.
LinearUnits UnitsGet () const
 Get the units that the model builder is currently configured to use.
void UnitsSet (LinearUnits units)
 Set the units the built model will use.


GcodeMotion.cs, and PathMotion.cs.

Definition at line 838 of file cartesianrobot.h.