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◆ HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateSet()

void HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateSet ( bool state)
HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateSet sets the trigger state to active high or active low.
state1 = triggers on active high signal, 0 = triggers on active low signal.

Part of the Limits and Action Configuration method group.

Sample Code:
Axis: Configuration
const bool ACTIVE_HIGH = true; // Constant for active high.
const bool ACTIVE_LOW = false; // Constant for active low.
const double HW_POS_DURATION_TIME = 0.01; // Positive limit duration. (in seconds)
const double HW_NEG_DURATION_TIME = 0.01; // Negative limit duration. (in seconds)
// SET (Hardware POSITIVE (+) Limit characteristics)
axis.HardwarePosLimitActionSet(RSIAction.RSIActionE_STOP); // Set the positive limit action to E_STOP.
axis.HardwarePosLimitTriggerStateSet(ACTIVE_HIGH); // Set the positive limit trigger state to ACTIVE_HIGH.
axis.HardwarePosLimitDurationSet(HW_POS_DURATION_TIME); // Set the positive limit duration to 0.01 seconds.
// GET
var hPosLimAct = axis.HardwarePosLimitActionGet();
var hPosLimTrigState = axis.HardwarePosLimitTriggerStateGet();
var hPosLimDur = axis.HardwarePosLimitDurationGet();
// SET (Hardware NEGATIVE (-) Limit charateristics)
axis.HardwareNegLimitActionSet(RSIAction.RSIActionE_STOP); // Set the negative limit action to E_STOP.
axis.HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateSet(ACTIVE_LOW); // Set the negative limit trigger state to ACTIVE_LOW.
axis.HardwareNegLimitDurationSet(HW_NEG_DURATION_TIME); // Set the negative limit duration to 0.01 seconds.
// GET
var hNegLimAct = axis.HardwareNegLimitActionGet();
var hNegLimTrigState = axis.HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateGet();
var hNegLimDur = axis.HardwareNegLimitDurationGet();
Go to axis screen->Limits & Actions. In the image below, HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateSet sets the trigger state shown in the Negative (-) Hardware box. It currently triggers on a HIGH because the "High" checkbox is checked.
See also
AxisConfig.cs, AxisConfiguration.cpp, and HardwareLimits.cpp.