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◆ EStopDecelerationGet()

double EStopDecelerationGet ( )
EStopDecelerationGet returns the deceleration rate for an E-Stop Modify Event.
(double) E-Stop, Modify Deceleration rate in User Units.
Sample Code:
Axis: Configuration
// Constants
const double STOP_RATE_DEFAULT = 1.0; // Specify the default STOP rate in seconds.
const double ESTOP_RATE_DEFAULT = 0.05; // Specify the default ESTOP rate in seconds.
const double ESTOP_DECELERATION_RATE = 1000; // Specify the default ESTOP deceleration rate in seconds.
// SET
axis.StopTimeSet(STOP_RATE_DEFAULT); // Set the default STOP time to STOP_RATE_DEFAULT secs.
axis.EStopTimeSet(ESTOP_RATE_DEFAULT); // Set the default ESTOP time to ESTOP_RATE_DEFAULT secs.
axis.EStopDecelerationSet(ESTOP_DECELERATION_RATE); // Set the default ESTOP time to ESTOP_DECELERATION_RATE secs.
See also
AxisConfig.cs, and AxisConfiguration.cpp.