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◆ EStop()

void EStop ( )
EStop will declerate an axis to a stop in the time specified by EStopTimeSet().
After EStop(), axis will be left in error state (see RSIStateError) & drive(also called amplifier) is still enabled
The EStopping time that is used will be from the object (Axis or MultiAxis) that started the active motion, NOT the object that commanded this action.
If a MultiAxis motion is in progress, the EStop time will be determined by MultiAxis::EStopTimeSet() and the individual Axis::EStopTimeSet() values will be ignored.

Part of the Action method group.

Sample Code:
// E-Stop the axis
Go to axis screen->Position and Trajectory box. Various actions (Stop, EStop, Abort) are shown in image below.
See also
ClearFaults, EStopTimeSet, EStopTimeGet, RSIState