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Data for adding joint or free-axis mappings when building a kinematic model. More...


 ModelAxisMapping (int jointIndex)
 Constructor that sets the FointIndex and uses defaults for the rest of the data members.
 ModelAxisMapping (int jointIndex, double scaling, double offset, const char *const label)
 Constructor that sets all data members in the struct.


char ExpectedLabel [ExpectedLabelBufferSize]
 The label the joint is expected to have. The maximum number of characters the label can have is MAX_LABEL_SIZE. (The buffer has an additional space to allow strings to be null-terminated)
int JointIndex
 The index of the robot's joint to map (within an array of joint positions). Often this index will refer to the index of the axis within a MultiAxis object.
double Offset
 The offset value that will be added to the scaled joint position.
double Scaling
 The scaling value that the joint position will be multiplied by.

Static Attributes

static constexpr int MaxLabelSize = 16
 The maximum size of a joint label and the size of the ExpectedLabel buffer.



Definition at line 702 of file cartesianrobot.h.