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Explore the different types of homing available.

🔹 What is Homing?

Homing is the process of determining a consistent starting point. This allows for accurate motion to specific points in your work space.

The Homing process will normally zero the position at either your target or a designated offset of your choosing.

Homing allows for incremental encoders to be used in place of absolute encoders.

We recommend Drive Based Homing or Custom Homing. (AKD Drive Based Homing is one Custom Homing type)

🔹 Subsections

  • AKD Drive Based ASCII Homing : Optimize homing accuracy using drive-based ASCII commands on AKD drives, reducing network latencies and allowing extensive customization through various homing methods and configurations.
  • AKD Homing Using RapidWorkbench : Leverage RapidWorkbench for precise, network latency-free homing of AKD drives, configuring homing parameters directly via the EtherCAT connection.
  • DS402 Drive Based Homing : Implement drive-based homing with DS402-compliant drives, utilizing built-in homing methods, ensuring accurate and network latency-free positioning, easily configured via our API or tools.
  • DS402 Master Based Homing : Utilize RapidSetup for master-based DS402 homing, which although subject to EtherCAT network latency, provides comprehensive control over homing methods, safety settings, and parameters for precise motion initialization.