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Motion: Modify

Learn how to use Feed Rate.

This is a sample program to assist in the integration of the RMP motion controller with your application. It may not contain all of the logic and safety features that your application requires. We recommend that you wire an external hardware emergency stop (e-stop) button for safety when using our code sample apps. Doing so will help ensure the safety of you and those around you and will prevent potential injury or damage.

The sample apps assume that the system (network, axes, I/O) are configured prior to running the code featured in the sample app. See the Configuration page for more information.

📜 Feed Rate
This sample application demonstrates how to use FeedRate to adjust the speed of your motion without affecting the current move/motion profile.
You can use FeedRate to reverse a move. Move back to a certain position in your motion profile, and then resume to finish the assigned motion.
FeedRate is great because you can bring an axis to complete stop without actually changing the state of the controller, unlike STOP, ABORT, ESTOP, etc.

Console.WriteLine("Start Motion");
axis.MoveSCurve(100); // Call MoveScurve to move to a position.
// set feedrate for axis to 150%
while (axis.CommandPositionGet() < 5)
Thread.Sleep(1); // Wait here until we reach position "15".
axis.Stop(); // Stop the axis/motor.
axis.MotionDoneWait(); // Wait for move to complete.
axis.FeedRateSet(-1); // Change FeedRate to reverse motion.
axis.Resume(); // Start Reverse Motion.
Console.WriteLine("New Feed Rate Start");
axis.FeedRateSet(1); //restore default

Learn more in the concept page.

📜 Change Motion Speed
This sample application demonstrates how to use change the velocity parameter of a motion that is partially complete.

axis.MoveSCurve(20, Constants.VELOCITY, Constants.ACCELERATION, Constants.DECELERATION, Constants.JERK_PERCENT);
if (axis.CommandPositionGet() > 2)
// Go 10X faster
axis.MoveSCurve(20, Constants.VELOCITY * 10, Constants.ACCELERATION, Constants.DECELERATION, Constants.JERK_PERCENT);

Learn more in the concept page.