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Tracing allows for low level logs to be generated. More...

Static Functions

static void MaskSet (RSITrace mask)
 Sets the specified trace mask.
static void MaskOnSet (RSITrace maskOn)
 Turn on a particular trace output mask.
static bool MaskOnGet (RSITrace maskOn)
 Check to see if a particular trace output mask is turned on.
static void MaskOffSet (RSITrace maskOff)
 Turn off a particular trace output mask.
static void MaskClear ()
 Clear the trace output mask.
static int32_t FileSet (const char *const fileName)
 Channels Tracing messages to specified file.
static void FileClose ()
 Stops Logging to the file.
static void InjectMessage (RSITrace traceLevel, const char *const message)
 Add a message to the Trace Log.


Definition at line 11272 of file rsi.h.