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HelperFunctionsCS class provides static methods for common tasks in RMP applications. More...

Static Functions

static void CheckErrors (RapidCodeObject rsiObject)
 Checks for errors in the given RapidCodeObject and throws an exception if any non-warning errors are found.
static void ClearControllerCounts (MotionController controller)
 Clears count settings for axes, motion, and user limits on the controller.
static void ConfigurePhantomAxis (MotionController controller, int axisNumber)
 Configures a specified axis as a phantom axis with custom settings.
static MotionController CreateController ()
 Creates the MotionController object, using creation parameters.
static void SetupControllerForHardware (MotionController controller)
 Sets up the controller for hardware use by resetting it and starting the network.
static void SetupControllerForPhantoms (MotionController controller, int axisCount, int[] axisNums)
 Sets up the controller for phantom axes, including configuring specified axes as phantom.
static void ShutdownTheNetwork (MotionController controller)
 Shuts down the network communication for the given MotionController.
static void StartTheNetwork (MotionController controller)
 Starts the network communication for the given MotionController.


This class encapsulates operations such as error checking, network management, and controller configuration to streamline application development.


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