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Union representing a generic RMP firmware value with multiple data types, stored in 64-bits. More...


bool Bool
 Boolean value.
double Double
 Double precision (64-bit) floating-point.
float Float
 Single precision (32-bit) floating-point.
int16_t Int16
 16-bit signed integer.
int32_t Int32
 32-bit signed integer.
int64_t Int64
 64-bit signed integer.
int8_t Int8
 8-bit signed integer.
uint16_t UInt16
 16-bit unsigned integer.
uint32_t UInt32
 32-bit unsigned integer.
uint64_t UInt64
 64-bit unsigned integer.
uint8_t UInt8
 8-bit unsigned integer.


Definition at line 461 of file rsi.h.