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Represents the real-time operating system (INtime) when using RMP for Windows. This class provides static methods to start, stop, and restart INtime. More...

Static Functions

static INtimeStatus INtimeStatusGet ()
 Get the status of INtime.
static INtimeStatus INtimeStatusGet (const char *const nodeName)
 Get the status of INtime.
static INtimeStatus INtimeStart ()
 Start INtime.
static INtimeStatus INtimeStart (const char *const nodeName)
 Start INtime.
static INtimeStatus INtimeStop ()
 Stop INtime.
static INtimeStatus INtimeStop (const char *const nodeName)
 Stop INtime.
static INtimeStatus INtimeRestart ()
 Restart INtime (reboot INtime).
static INtimeStatus INtimeRestart (const char *const nodeName)
 Restart INtime (reboot INtime).
static const char *const INtimeCatalogRMPGet ()
 Get the RMP catalog.
static const char *const INtimeCatalogRMPNetworkGet ()
 Get the RMPNetwork catalog.
static uint32_t INtimeNodeCountGet ()
 Get the number of INtime nodes on this PC.
static const char *const INtimeNodeNameGet (uint32_t nodeNumber)
 Get the name of an INtime node.
static bool INtimeNodeIsLocal (uint32_t nodeNumber)
 Determine if an INtime node is local (on this PC) or distributed (on another PC).


The RTOS/INtime runs on one CPU core concurrently with a general-purpose operating system (Windows) on a multi-core CPU.

Definition at line 11197 of file rsi.h.