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◆ MoveCamCubic()

void MoveCamCubic ( int32_t masterAxisNumber,
RSIAxisMasterType masterFeedbackSource,
const double *const masterDistances,
const double *const slavePositions,
const double *const gearRatios,
int32_t pointCount )
MoveCamCubic enables this Axis to be cubic follower (slave) using an electronic cam.
masterAxisNumberWhich Axis is the master? (0 to 31).
masterFeedbackSourceA RSIAxisMasterType value.
*masterDistancesRelative distance btween points on the master.
*slavePositionsPosition of the slave at given master distances.
*gearRatiosThe derivative of the slave with respect to the master.
pointCountNumber of points in the cam table.

Part of the Camming method group.

Sample Code:
double masterDistances[] = { 10, 20, 10 };
double slavePositions1[] = { 5, 35, 10 };
double gearRatios[] = { 0, 0, 0 };
// configure this Axis to follow Axis 0's Actual Position through a cubic cam
axis->MoveCamCubic(0, RSIAxisMasterTypeAXIS_ACTUAL_POSITION, masterDistances, slavePositions1, gearRatios, 3);
Use actual position from master.
MoveCamCubic is only functional in RapidCode 03.03.XX releases.
See also
MoveCamLinear, FrameBufferSizeGet and FrameBufferSizeSet