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◆ HomeTravelDistanceSet()

void HomeTravelDistanceSet ( RSIHomeStage stage,
double distanceToTravel )
Allows you to limit the max distance we will move when looking for home and hardware limit input signals to change state. The method HomeDecelerationSet() will set the deceleration to use when stopping after this distance. If the travel distance is exceeded, the Axis will decelerate to a stop and the call to Home() will fail.
distanceToTraveldouble (in UserUnits) representing the max move in associated stage before erroring out.

Part of the Homing method group.

Sample Code:
axis->HomeTravelDistanceSet(RSIHomeStage::RSIHomeStageSTAGE_ONE, 1000.0);
Searching Move to Find Limit. (ie Home Active)
STAGE_FOUR max travel distance is not used, since STAGE_FOUR is for moving to zero.
See also
Master-based homing diagrams.