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Configuration and management of the EtherCAT network.

🔹 Subsections

  • FoE : Use FoE to send files over an EtherCAT network.
  • Safety over EtherCAT : Incorporate Safety Controllers and Safety IO into the EtherCAT network, ensuring functional safety by using Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), which transmits safety-related data alongside standard data, compliant with IEC 61508 and IEC 61784-3 standards.
  • IO Link : Configure IO Link devices by using an Mdp.xml file to manage sub-modules, translating network information into usable EtherCAT data for precise device configuration.
  • MDP : Configure EtherCAT devices with different sub-modules using an MDP.xml file to specify topology, locations, lookup tables, and default behaviors for proper network setup and operation.
  • RapidCode NetworkNode : The NetworkNode object represents an EtherCAT Node (SubDevice) (Drive, IO Block, etc) on the network. Accessible via MotionController and Axis objects.
  • NodeInfo & CustomNodeInfo : Define EtherCAT nodes in NodeInfo.xml and customize them in CustomNodeInfo.xml for specific application needs.
  • PDO vs. SDO : Understand the difference between real-time data exchange with PDOs and periodic service channel messages with SDOs in EtherCAT, and learn how to read, write, and configure these using RapidSetup and the RapidCode API.