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Tools and methods to manage input/output operations and event activations within your system.

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  • Capture/Probe : Utilize Capture to achieve high-accuracy position latching with external inputs, available in position-based and time-based methods to suit various accuracy and motor requirements.
  • Dedicated IO : Leverage Dedicated I/O for specific motion control tasks, utilizing RapidCode's validation and monitoring functions to manage inputs and outputs directly related to motor functions and drive signals.
  • General Purpose IO : Utilize general-purpose I/Os for versatile digital and analog input/output control across the EtherCAT network.
  • IOPoint : Manage diverse inputs and outputs conveniently using the IOPoint class.
  • Math Blocks : Employ Math Blocks in RMP firmware for real-time mathematical operations on data, crucial for creating advanced control systems with operations ranging from basic arithmetic to complex bitwise calculations.
  • Streaming Motion Sync Outputs : Utilize Streaming Motion Sync Outputs to precisely synchronize digital outputs with specific motion points during streaming movements, such as PT, PVT, or PVAJT, enhancing coordination and control in automated processes.
  • Sync Interrupts : Implement Sync Interrupts to precisely trigger events or tasks at regular intervals based on the controller’s sample rate cycle.
  • User Limits : Implement User Limits to configure and trigger actions based on specific input conditions in real-time.