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This is a sample program to assist in the integration of the RMP motion controller with your application. It may not contain all of the logic and safety features that your application requires. We recommend that you wire an external hardware emergency stop (e-stop) button for safety when using our code sample apps. Doing so will help ensure the safety of you and those around you and will prevent potential injury or damage.

The sample apps assume that the system (network, axes, I/O) are configured prior to running the code featured in the sample app. See the Configuration page for more information.

The Python feature is in active development. All components subject to change in later versions of RMP.

🔹 Dependencies

  1. RapidCode.py & _RapidCode.pyd: The Python wrapper for the RapidCode API. Located in your RMP install directory.
  2. RapidCode64.dll : The RapidCode dynamic link library. Located in your RMP install directory.
  3. ntx.dll: The INtime library located in C:\Program Files (x86)\INtime\bin.
  4. numpy: A common Python package needed for array marshalling. Available here: https://numpy.org/install/

🌐 Subsections


 Hello Axis Motion
 Hello RapidCode
 Helper Functions
 IO Point