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Dedicated IO

Leverage Dedicated I/O for specific motion control tasks, utilizing RapidCode's validation and monitoring functions to manage inputs and outputs directly related to motor functions and drive signals.

🔹 What is Dedicated IO?

Dedicated I/O are motion controls signals designed for specific purposes, unlike User I/O which can be used for anything.

Similar to User I/O, many Dedicated I/O signals have external connections, whereas some, such as the Amp Fault signal, are connected internally within a drive.

🔹 Dedicated IO Overview

The RsiMotorDedicatedIn and RsiMotorDedicatedOut enumerations contain the 20 Dedicated I/O available for RapidCode.

RapidCode supports these Dedicated I/O with validate and monitor functionality. Each is accessible through the associated axis object.

The functions DedicatedInExists, DedicatedOutExists, DedicatedInGet, and DedicatedOutGet all take one of the below enumeration values and are used to check whether the Dedicated I/O’s exist and what the current values are.

If your drive supports them, the RapidCode API also supports getting the positive and negative limit switches and the home switch as well as the Amp Fault input and Amp Enable outputs.

🔹 Dedicated Inputs and Outputs

Enum RSIMotorDedicatedIn


Enum RSIMotorDedicatedOut


📜 Sample Code