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◆ MoveRelative()

void MoveRelative ( const double *const relativePosition,
const double *const vel,
const double *const accel,
const double *const decel,
const double *const jerkPct )
MoveRelative command a relative point-to-point motion, with an S-Curve velocity profile. Each Axis will move relative increment distance from the currently commanded position.
S-Curve Velocity Profile
relativePositionAn array of relative increments, positive or negative, in UserUnits.
velarray of Maximum velocity, units/second.
accelarray of Maximum accleration , units/second/second.
decelarray of Maximum deceleration , units/second/second.
jerkPctarray of Jerk Percent, which defines the percentage of acceleration time which is smoothed, 0.0 to 100.0 .
Non-Blocking Execution Motion commands return instantly and do not pause code execution. Use MotionDoneWait() post-call to halt execution until motion completes.
Sample Code: