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uint64_t NetworkOutputAddressGet ( int32_t index)
indexThe index of the Network Output value you are interested in. (See Network Data in RapidSetup.)
(uint64_t) The address of the Network Output Override Value unless an option is used.
NetworkOutputAddressGet will get an Address of a Network Output. This allows you to keep track of what might be sent out over the network. The value at the address will only be the value actually sent (RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeSENT_VALUE), the value that the firmware intends to send if you don't override (RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeINTENDED_VALUE), or the value that you intend to send if you have set and enabled overrides (Default: RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeOVERRIDE_VALUE).
The RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeSENT_VALUE address is effectively read only as we will use either the INTENDED or OVERRIDE value then write that value to the Sent location. Similarly, writing to RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeINTENDED_VALUE will be overwritten by the firmware each cycle.
See also
NetworkOutputOverrideValueGet, NetworkOutputOverrideSet