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◆ FramesToExecuteGet()

int32_t FramesToExecuteGet ( )
Axis::FramesToExecuteGet retrieves the number of frames remaining in the buffer to be executed.
Each Axis has a frame buffer which executes trajectory frames.In the case of streaming motion(PT, PVT) where the user specifies a large number of points, the RapidCode library will automatically load frames using interrupts to keep the buffer full. (In this case there's no need to monitor FramesToExecuteGet().) When streaming motion with smaller point counts, it can be helfpul for the user to monitor how many frames are left in the frame buffer. In addition to trajectory frames there can also be frames to set Motion/Element IDs as well as Streaming Output frames to synchronize motion and I/O, etc.

Part of the Motion method group.

Example Code:
int frame_count = axis.FramesToExecuteGet();
if (frame_count < FRAME_BUFFER_LOW_COUNT) {
// reload more points here
See also
Axis::MotionElementIdExecutingGet, Axis::MotionIdExecutingGet