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◆ EncoderRatioSet()

void EncoderRatioSet ( RSIMotorFeedback encoder,
int32_t numerator,
int32_t denominator )
EncoderRatioSet uses a user defined numerator / denominator to scale counts by the encoder specified.
encoderA (RSIMotorFeedback) value. Generally Primary.
numeratorThe Numerator for the Ratio.
denominatorThe Denominator for the Ratio.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.
Sample Code:
axisOne->EncoderRatioSet(RSIMotorFeedbackPRIMARY, 2, 1);
@ RSIMotorFeedbackPRIMARY
Primary encoder.
EncoderRatioSet is only functional in RapidCode 03.04.XX and later releases. The default is a 1:1 ratio. As EncoderRatios take up additional controller resources, you may want to disable this feature by setting the encoder with a 0 numerator and denominator once done with scaling.