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Cartesian Robot

Control robots or machines in Cartesian space using the Robot class, applicable to various systems like gantries, robotic arms, and CNC machines, with support for G-Code & PathMotion.

🔹 What is Cartesian Robot?

The Robot class allows for the control of any type of robot or machine that needs to take commands in cartesian space but has an arbitrary joint space. This provides a unifying control interface in cartesian space for a diverse set of robots and machines.

Linear kinematic models can be constructed using the LinearModelBuilder. Only officially supported articulated kinematic models will work. Reach out if you would like a specific articulated robot supported.

An instance of the Robot class can be created with a:

Then calling the static creation method:

🔹 Use Cases

  • linear gantry systems
  • serial articulated robotic arms
  • parallel robotic arms
  • SCARA robots
  • CNC mills/lathes
  • laser/water/plasma/hot wire cutting machines
  • and many more..


🔹 Ways to control