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MotionController RMP

The RMP MotionController page

The MotionController RMP page displays information about the RMP's firmware, topology, and EtherCAT network.

Controller Screen Controller Screen

🔹 Count Section

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Item Definition
Node Count Displays the number of Nodes that have been discovered in the network.
Axis Count Displays the total number of axes available in the EtherCAT network. Changing the Axis count to a higher number will create additional Phantom Axes. (hover & click to edit)
Multi-Axis Count Displays the number of existing Multi-Axis objects. (hover & click to edit)
User Limit Count Displays the number of existing UserLimits. (hover & click to edit)
Axis License Count Displays the number of Axes that you are allowed to control based on the license you bought.

🔹 RMP Version


  • RapidCode refers to the version of the RapidCode API that RapidSetup is using.
  • Firmware refers to the version of the current motion controller firmware.
  • User Version A customer designated Version for the application.

🔹 RMP Controller


  • Serial Number represents your RMP serial number.
  • Sample Rate (hz) represents the cycle time in which the motion controller will read frames.
  • Firmware Time shows the percentage of the sample time the firmware needed for its calculations and network send/receive.
  • Sample Counter shows the amount of frames that have ran since you started the motion controller.
  • Motion Count represents the size of the motion supervisor. (Motion Count = Axis Count + Multi-Axis Count)
  • Restart Controller Button will restart the motion controller in the firmware.
  • Shutdown Controller will destroy the current motion controller.

🔹 ENI Topology


  • ENI File will show if an EtherCAT.xml (our ENI file) exists. If not, it must be generated.
  • ENI Node Count will show the number of nodes in the ENI file. It must match Node Count.
  • Discover Network Nodes Button will search for nodes in the EtherCAT network.
  • Generate ENI File Button will generate a new ENI/Topology file.

🔹 EtherCAT Network



  • Network State shows the current state of the EtherCAT Network.
  • Clock Sync Mode will show if your EtherCAT drive is running in DC or Free Mode.
  • Network Counter shows the number of frames that have been executed since the network went OPERATIONAL.
  • NIC Status will display if INtime is started and has a valid Network Interface Card (NIC).
  • Initialize to Preoperational Button will start the network to a preoperational state. [Expert Mode]
  • Start Network Button will initiate communication between the motion controller and the node(s).
  • Shutdown Network Button will cut communication between the motion controller and the node(s).