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Discover some of the different types of motion provided by our RapidCode API


🔹 Motion Profile

Select your axis' motion profile.

  • Absolute motion will allow you to move between Position 1 and Position 2.
  • Relative motion will allow to move in a positive or negative direction from current position by the Increment value.
  • Velocity motion will allow you to move forever at a constant velocity defined in the Motion Parameters box below.

🔹 Motion Type

Select your acceleration type.

  • Trapezoidal will allow you to accelerate at a constant rate.
  • S-Curve will allow you to command a non-linear acceleration for smoother profiles. (See Jerk Percent under Motion Parameters box below)

🔹 Jog Mode

Jog your axis with a velocity profile.


  • Jog on mouse click press down.
  • Stop on mouse click unpress.