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Drive based homing is recommended over master based since drive based homing does not encounter network latency.


🔹 Drive Based Homing

Based on the DS402 profile specifications.

  • Home Method allows you to choose your homing profile.
  • Speed to Switch is the speed the axis will use when looking for the specified limit switch.
  • Speed to Zero is the speed the axis will use after the switch has been found and to go get to the designated zero position.
  • Acceleration is the acceleration for the homing move.
  • Home Offset is the offset/distance from home position that your axis will settle into.
  • Home Button enables the motor and begins executing the selected homing method with selected axis configuration.
  • Status Block displays your homing status.

🔹 Master Based Homing

Also known as RapidSetup homing.

  • Home State displays either if you are homed or not homed.
  • Home Offset after the homing limit is reached, the axis will move ahead or back the number of revolutions specified by Home Offset (e.g., if Home Offset is 10, the axis will move 10 rotations ahead, and if Home Offset is -5, the axis will move 5 rotations back).
  • Home Stage allows you to determine which part of homing you are in. Useful for Max Travel Homing.
  • Move to Zero After Homing check this box if you want to move to position 0 after homing. (Scaled by User Units)
  • Log Homing allows you to specify whether you would like to log homing or not.
  • Home Button will enable the motor and begins executing the selected homing method. Before clicking the home button, make sure you complete the following:
    • Define a clear Safety Zone
    • Make sure that the motion parameter values and user units under the motion and tuning tab are configured properly.
    • Set the hardware pos/neg limit actions to STOP under the limits and actions tab.
    • Select a homing method
  • Cancel Button will cancel the homing request and disables the motor.
  • Status Block Window displays messages warnings and errors related to homing.