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Configure motor type, operation mode, backlash, and encoder ratio of an axis.


🔹 Motor Configuration

These parameters define the type of motor and how it is going to run.

  • Motor Type defines the type of motor. (Available options are: Servo, Phantom (virtual), Stepper)
  • Operation Mode allows you to specify what mode your drive is running in. (This will only work if the drive mode of operation is specified in the EtherCATNodeInfo.xml file)
  • Amp Disable Action executes when Drive/amplifier is disabled. Should almost always be set to "Command = Actual". This prevents position error from building up when the drive is disabled.

🔹 Backlash

Configuration for position compensation when axes have significant backlash between the feedback device and the mechanical systems.

  • Width is used to set the total number of counts (centered at 0) that is added/subtracted by the compensator.
  • Rate is the rate in counts/second at which the backlash compensator adds/subtracts counts.

🔹 Encoder Ratio

Scales the selected encoder by the Numerator/Denominator ratio.

  • Source select whether you would like your source to be a primary or secondary.
  • Numerator & Denominator used to calculate the ratio that will be set on your encoder.

Note: default is set to 0/0 which disables the feature. Setting the ratio 1/1 consumes more resources than if it were disabled