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Motion Concepts

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Learn more about some RMP motion capabilities.

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  • Motion Type Comparison : Explore different motion types like Trapezoidal, SCurve, and various spline methods including PT, PVT, Bessel, Spline, B-Spline, and B-Spline2. Each type offers unique characteristics for velocity, acceleration, and control point handling, allowing for tailored motion planning based on specific application requirements.
  • S-Curve Jerk Algorithm : Opt for the S-Curve Jerk algorithm in custom firmware for precise control over acceleration and jerk during moves, allowing for smoother transitions and specific adjustments during the deceleration phase of motion.
  • SCurve Motion : Understand how the RMP firmware transforms commanded acceleration into peak acceleration for S-Curve moves by adjusting accel/decel based on the Jerk Percent parameter.