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Upgrading From Rapidcode 8 To 10

RapidCode: Upgrade version (8 to 10)

🔹 General Requirements

Remember to restart your INtime node before trying to running different versions of RMP

🔹 Important Name Changes

lib/dll Name in RapidCode 8 Name in RapidCode 10
C++ RSIQVC RapidCode
.NET x86 (32 bit) RSIQDNET4 RapidCode.NET
.NET x64 (64 bit) RSIQDNET64 RapidCode.Net64
32-bit dll now are located in RSI/10.x.x/x86\ You may want to move them to your root RSI/10.x.x folder.

🔹 Notable API Changes

Action Code in RapidCode 8 Code in RapidCode 10
Restart RTOS RTOS.RTOSGet().INtimeRestart(); RTOS.INtimeRestart();

🔹 Directory Structure Change

x64 files are now located in the root install directory. x86 files can be found in the subfolder of the same name.

🔹 Upgrading your code from 8 to 10

All RapidCode.NET interface files (prefixed with I) have been removed in RapidCode 10. Simply use the RapidCode class name instead.\

Case Matching Find and Replace to remove I prefixed interfaces

🔹 Step by Step Instructions

1. Update your build and debug directories to match the root of your new version of RMP for All Configurations:


Debug image


Build image

2. Update your projects reference

Remove the old RMP 8 dll (RSIQDNET64.NET.dll):\


Add the new RMP 10 dll (RapidCode64.NET.dll):